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We Always Provide A Full Refund

VstPluginz Is The Best Place To Purchase Safe & Reliable Preactivated Audio Software & Sounds, Join Today And Access Our Database Of Over 40,000 Products & Sample Libraries, Preset Packs & Expansion Packs That We Have Collected And Verified For Over 7 Years

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Refunds Are Never Ruled Out But Before We Will Give You A Full Refund We Will Offer You A Replacement Product Or A Free Remote Installation & Verification Solution.

We Donnot Have Any Issue Refunding Customers However We Do Like To Work Professionally And Verify If The Problem Exists And Any Possible Solution To Fix The Problem You Might Be Having With The Software. We Personally Validate All Our Products And Our Technicians Understand The Install Proceedures And Possible Issues Involving License Validation & Software Activation.


We Provide A 100% Refund If Your Product Fails To Download Install Or Activate

"We Use TeamViewer & Anydesk To Verify Any Claim"
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If Your Product Fails To Download, Install Or Crashes For Any Reason We Will Endevour To Test , Replace Or Refund You In Full After One Of Our Technical Assistants Has Completed An Assesment Of The Product And Verified The Reason For The Failure And That No Suitable Actions Can Be Taken To Ammend The Problem.

All Our Products Come With Install Instructions And Or A Video From Our Own Personal Install Experience.

We Also Provide Install Assistance Using The Teamviewer Desktop Application Once You Have Made A Purchase , Before A Refund Is Possible We Must Verify The Reason For The Issues You May Have With Our Products.

There Are Many Reasons For A Failed Install And Not Necesserly Due To The Software You Would Have Purchased.

These Issues Range From The Wrong Operating System Installed To Additional Software Previously Being Installed. Cracks & Torrents , Demos & Trials Especially Conflict With Preactivated Software.

And So For This Reason It Is Advised That You Remove Any Previous Installs, Especially Managers & Service centers - Cracks Or Demos Before Installing Your New Product.
Often This Might Require A Deep Analysis Of Your FileSystem And Registration Files That Is Normally Quite Complicated For The Inexperienced.

Refunds Are Never Ruled Out, However We Will Only Issue A Refund After A Teamviewer Session Verifies The Problem Is Unmanagable By Any Other Means.

We Will Also Provide An Alternative Version Of The Software If It Is Required Because Of OS Complications Or Incompatibility.

Alternativly You Can Make A Claim Through PayPal Or Your Banking Provider And Claim Back The Funds If PayPal Or Your Banking Provider Feel The Circumstances Warrent A Full Refund.

We Must Advise Before Doing So That We Will Always Appeal The Decision If No Communication Has Been Made Providing Us The Oppertunity To Verify And Or Ammend The Problem.

We Are Well Established Customers of PayPal & Our Banking Providers And They Know Our Business Well And The Way We Operate.

We Have Been Supplying Studio Grade Software & Installation Services For Over A Decade And We Have Faced Refund Scammers , DMCA Claims , Personal Attacks & Website Hacking Attacks.

We Know THE LAW And We Work With Verified DMCA Vendors, Suppliers & 3rd Party Developers And Only Provide Preactivated Or Licensed Products.

If You Wish To Make A Refund Claim You Can Simply Contact Us Via Our Customer Service Chat Found On Any Of Our Pages.

Alternatively You Can Contact Us On Any Of Our Facebook Groups And Pages Found In The Social Area Of Our Header & Footer.

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