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Touken Ranbu Warriors: Digital Deluxe Edition + 29 DLCs

Added: 16.Dec.2022

Genre: Action, Japanese, Third-person, 3D

Catagory: games

Product ID: 48968

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A secret Sengoku Era drama begins now.
?Touken Ranbu Warriors? is an action game that is a collaboration between the ?spirits of blades? simulation game ?Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-? presented by DMM GAMES and NITRO PLUS, and the thrilling ?1 vs. 1,000? WARRIORS series of KOEI TECMO GAMES.
Story overview:

The Touken Danshi, 15 blades incarnate who had been drifting aimlessly without a Saniwa master, are suddenly attacked by the History Retrograde Army.
After the battle, they are assigned by the Government of the Time to undertake ?onslaught investigations.?
The masterless blades have no choice but to depart for the chaotic world of the Sengoku Era, whose history had already begun to be altered.
Game Features

?Touken Ranbu? is in 3D at last. Witness the most beautiful graphics in the history of the WARRIORS series.
The Touken Danshi characters, which will be familiar to fans of the source material, rush about the battlefield in 3D.
In addition to the thrilling action you expect from the WARRIORS series, you can enjoy battles with a plentiful variety of animations, such as battling together with a partner and dueling.
Experience battles with the Touken Danshi that are both fierce and beautiful.
Fifteen blades incarnate from a drifting honmaru base set out on a historical drama in the Sengoku Era. Experience an original epic story that can only be found in this game.
The honmaru serves as the base of the Touken Danshi. Enjoy tons of special events and elements that can only be found in this title.
The Touken Danshi can be placed freely within the 3D-depicted honmaru, the characters base where they live.
Players can also see how the Touken Danshi are doing at the honmaru, as well as view original events unique to this title in which they interact with one another.
Between battles, players can take a break and enjoy mini-games such as ?Pose Matching? and ?Tag.?
Photo Mode, in which players can take pictures of the Touken Danshi , is also included.
Easy Mode has been included, so even players who are less proficient at action games can control the game easily.
Two types of controls are included: ?Regular Mode,? which features the control scheme traditionally used for the WARRIORS series, and ?Easy Mode,? which uses controls for players less proficient at action games.
The latter only requires simple button inputs, so players will be able to enjoy the beautiful actions.

Included DLCs:

Uchiban Outfit 16-piece Set
Additional Music 5-piece Set
Honmaru Backdrop 5-piece Set
Uchiban Outfit (Omokage)
Uchiban Outfit (Yamanbagiri Chougi)
Uchiban Outfit (Yamanbagiri Kunihiro)
Uchiban Outfit (Okurikara)
Uchiban Outfit (Shokudaikiri Mitsutada)
Uchiban Outfit (Tsurumaru Kuninaga)
Uchiban Outfit (Tomoegata Naginata)
Uchiban Outfit (Yagen Toushiro)
Uchiban Outfit (Heshikiri Hasebe)
Uchiban Outfit (Hyuga Masamune)
Uchiban Outfit (Namazuo Toushiro)
Uchiban Outfit (Ichigo Hitofuri)
Uchiban Outfit (Kasen Kanesada)
Uchiban Outfit (Tonbokiri)
Uchiban Outfit (Sengo Muramasa)
Uchiban Outfit (Mikazuki Munechika)
Additional Music (Uchiban ? Touken Ranbu Warriors)
Additional Music (Honmaru ? Touken Ranbu Warriors)
Additional Music (Osaka Winter Campaign ? Touken Ranbu Warriors)
Additional Music (Memories of Aonohara ? Touken Ranbu Warriors)
Additional Music (Battle ? Touken Ranbu Warriors)
Honmaru Backdrop (Snow Viewing)
Honmaru Backdrop (Autumn Leaves)
Honmaru Backdrop (Rainy Season)
Honmaru Backdrop (Sakura Viewing ? Nighttime)
Honmaru Backdrop (Sakura Viewing)

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