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Touhou Mystia?s Izakaya ? v4.0.7a + 6 DLCs + Bonus Content

Added: 25.Feb.2024

Genre: Lifestyle, Managerial, Top-down, 2D, Retro look

Catagory: games

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Today, the young night sparrow youkai Mystia Lorelei is still chasing her dream??

Her dream to become the most popular izakaya owner in Gensokyo.

Day after day, she worked hard making a name for herself and attracting customers from all over Gensokyo.
Then, on one fateful day, a certain customer paid her a visit.

On that day, both her dream and her future were shattered.
Having lost everything, she had to restart from scratch.

And so, her life indebted to the tyrannical Yakumo family began?
?Dont underestimate a grass root youkais aspiration and determination!

I will protect thatfull and satisfied smiles of Gensokyos people!?
The young night sparrow will never give up.

Besides, having being helped by Mystia, the powerful residents of Gensokyo will surely return the favor!
Game Features

You play as Mystia, the proud owner of a mobile izakaya. During the day, you collect ingredients all over Gensokyo, learn new recipes, collect or buy beverages? all in order to create the perfect dining experience. In other words, there is no battle and no danmaku in this game, only customers with varying demands that you need to fulfill!
After the first appearance of each rare customer, Mystia will record information about them in her notebook, including their food and drink preferences, frequently appearing areas, and a funny little description.
As the game proceeds, you will gain access to six primary locations: Youkai Trail, Human Village, Hakurei Shrine, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Bamboo Forest of The Lost, and Hakugyokurou. Each of these locations is meticulously illustrated to recreatethe details and settings from the source material.
Mystias basement has plenty of room for all sorts of collectibles, including costumes, event CG albums, soundtrack CDs, and decorations from friends. In the basement, you can put on your favorite costume, view the CGs for events that had occurred, listen to music, or use decorations to improve your business.
As a pixel art game, we spent a lot of time on the visual presentation for Touhou Mystias Izakaya to create a smooth visual experience for players. Also, every in-game soundtrackwas painstakingly composed, and I believe any one of them can become one of your favorites in your MP3.

Included DLCs:


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