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Added: 28.Jul.2022

Genre: Arcade, Shoot em up, Isometric, 3D

Catagory: games

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TombStar is a top-down Space Western shooter with roguelike elements that will test your mettle. Go head-to-head against the galaxys toughest creatures in heart-racing bullet-hell combat.
Game Features

WEVE GOT A PLANET TO SAVE, PARTNER: At the edges of the Frontier Galaxy, the notorious Grimheart Gang have driven away every peaceful settler and taken over the planet TombStar. Free the planet from the tyrannical grip of their leader, King Killcard? or die trying.
UNLOCK AN ARSENAL OF DYNAMIC WEAPONS: From splattering shotguns, to the powerful Armageddon Expander, or the festive Fireworks Cannon, theres a whole lot of ways to serve justice to those wretched Grimhearts.
DISCOVER GAME-CHANGING PERKS: When the going gets tough, seek out the morally questionable Duon brothers to provide you intimidating perks. Upgrade these enhancements and soon youll have the Grimhearts shaking in their boots.
CHOOSE YOUR GUNSLINGER: Play as Jack Galloway and strive to become a galactic hero just like your father. Step into the shoes of Benson Gara, a Lyroid-species environmentalist taking matters into his own hands. Or live up to the legend that is AJ Starchild, a highly decorated sniper gone rogue to seek her revenge. Discover each characters unique abilities and play styles to find your strongest contender for defeating the Grimheart Gang.
PLAY AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN: Blaze your way through hordes of assorted space scum, from pistol-wielding cowpokes to robots with death lasers. But stay sharp, the game changes with each run so you never know what youre gonna get.
MANY YARNS TO SPIN: Collect messages from the past to piece together what happened on TombStar, and learn each characters motives for taking down the Grimhearts. Where is Jacks father? Why did Benson Gara come here alone? And what unforgivable act lies at the heart of AJs story?

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