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sound DUST FRICTION [Synth Presets]

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Added: 22.Mar.2018

Genre: Electronic

Catagory: Presets

Product ID: 6659

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Welcome to FRICTION world. FRICTION applies the Sound Dust aesthetic to U-Hes amazing analogue softsynth DIVA and brings you 170 presets that look for beauty and cinematic atmosphere in filth and wrongness.

Huge weeping pads, elastic beatsync noise, murky weathered leads, deviant one finger atmospherics, organic heartbreak keyboards, West coast style uber modulations, glowering low end throbbing and earworming sound effects are all in the mix.

FRICTION embraces the limitations and grist of the classic synths that DIVA emulates so well and melds them into something new and impossible, and impossibly lovely.

Every has warping transformations assigned to mod-wheel and after-touch for dynamic expressive control. All es pre tagged for DIVA and Komplete Kontrol

FRICTION sounds are loosely divided into 15 categories...

ARP - melodic arpeggiated es
CHAOS - boisterous and complex
DMX - arp driven drum machinery
DUST - classic Sound Dust organica
FX - textural earworms
KEYS - keyboards...obvs
LEAD - legato style solo instruments
LOW - bottom feeding basses
NOISE - bpm synced atonal beat shadows
ORG - organic organish
PAD - thick, wide and often filthy
PERC - hits, thuds and snaps
SLOW - take your time with these
THROB - low rhythmic boomers
WEST - moving the East coast over to the West coast

Formats: H2P, NKS

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